Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Candle Kissing Spell

Candle Kissing Spell

Another spell for changing your fortunes (this is especially good if you want to win the lottery), is the Candle Kissing Spell.

To perform this spell, you will need:

Your magic broom

a magic circle

an altar

 A green candle

 A white candle

 Cinnamon oil to anoint the candles.

To perform the spell, use your magic broom to sweep the area, and prepare your magic circle. Set up your altar with the green candle on the left side, and the white candle on the left side. Anoint the candles with the cinnamon oil, concentrating on your desire. Set the candles on your altar nine inches apart. The green candle represents money and prosperity, and the white candle represents you. After you place the candles, say the following incantation.

 “God of luck and god of power, Send me your fortune at this fateful hour, And bring to me the wealth I need, To my humble request, please take heed.”

Repeat this spell for nine days. Each day, move the candles an inch closer together. When the candles “kiss” or touch, the spell is complete. Just don’t forget to buy your lottery ticket! Maybe buy several!!!

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