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How Signs, Symbols, and Colors Can Enhance Your Magick Energy

Author: Rose Ariadne

Remember, you don't need anything external to do Magick. The Magick is inside of you.

But, especially when you are just beginning, certain things can increase your desired effects of Magick (in very big ways).

This is because you are able to draw on the energies added by external tools (which each are imbued with their own energies). More importantly, you draw on the added belief these tools add to your subconscious mind.

Let's start with color - one of the most basic of energies that you can incorporate into your Magick.

The use of color in your spells can effect the outcome in two different ways.

First, are the Magick properties of the colors themselves. Each color reflects light in a different way, which is composed of a different energy that will have different effects on your Magick.

Here are a list of the colors you can use in your spells, and the type of Magick and how using each of them will effect your spells:

Black - use to ban negativity, in working with that which is hidden and in need of being revealed, in meditations on major life changes, and in connecting with Goddess/Mother energy.

Purple - use for psychic development, personal power, spirituality, prosperity, and connection with spirit world, success.

Green - use for growth, fertility/productivity, financial prosperity, earth connection, rejuvenation, and success.

Dark Green - use against greed and overly ambitious influences.

Bright Green - attracts love, social status, and fertility

Orange - use for energy, growth, and for drawing things toward you (as in drawing wealth toward you in ritual).

Blue - use for spirituality, wisdom, peace, harmony, and well-being.

Light Blue - use for serenity, peace, and stress reduction, meditations.

Dark Blue - use for prophetic dreams, need for laughter, increase of something.

Red - use for courage, love/passion, Father energy, health, and strength.

Gray - use for meditation, neutralizer, creates confusion.

Pink - use for romantic love, friendship, hope, rest, and relief from stress.

Gold - use for God, sun/masculine energy, and prosperity.

Indigo - use for deep meditations, stopping situations (such as gossip).

Brown - use for finding lost things, sometimes earth energy, concentration and study, prosperity, decision-making, and balance.

Magenta - use for higher frequencies, draws intense spiritual power for fast action, promotes spiritual healing.

Second, colors evoke different feelings and emotions within YOU. And the emotions they create can be different for each person. For example, maybe the color Red brings emotions of fear into you (for one reason or another). For another person, maybe the same color red evokes emotions of excitement and passion.

Simply do not use a color if it brings negative emotion to you, or none at all. Use the colors that deliver strong positive emotions of happiness, love, adventure, and excitement!

So use the specific Magick energies of colors above, and also use colors that bring strong positive emotions into your heart for spells filled with intense power.

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Rose has been practicing different forms of Witchcraft for over 27 years. For more information on wiccan symbols visit her site The Ask Rose Ariadne Witchcraft Site"

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History Of Love Spells

The origin of love spells cannot be traced to any one place, as they have been in existence through ages in all parts of the world. Hence, the history of these spells is difficult to pinpoint. In ancient times, the most common way of casting love spells was by making a wax image of the person who was the target of the spell and casting the spell, so that the actual person would get attracted towards love through the wax image. Love spells were practiced as a form of witchcraft in earlier times. At that time feelings such as love were considered as fancies of gods and people had a belief that they could coax and soothe these gods by casting love spells on them. In modern times a love spell is merely a method to help a person make a love connection with another.

Most love spells have only one aim of influencing and controlling the desired person. Since ancient times people have believed that charms and potions are the most powerful mediums for casting love spells. It has been the oldest and the most widespread human beliefs of all times. In the second century, the philosopher Apuleius was accused and acquitted of using a love potion to attract his wealthy wife. Many spells today too are based on age-old practices. For instance, one wears or makes the intended person wear charms on the body or places them next to the bed to arouse love in that person and hence this ancient practice is quite popular in today's times too. Earlier, each tribe followed their own type of love spells and they had tremendous belief in witches and wizards, who according to them could solve all their problems and fulfill their desires. Even today, the most popular reason for people's involvement with witchcraft is love spells.

Hence, love spells have been a universal phenomenon through the human history. They have been an integral part of the Greek and Egyptian mythology. The Greek and Egyptian binding spells have been extremely well known in ancient history and are popular even today.

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Who Knows The Types of Candles In Wicca?

The types of candles in Wicca depend on the reason for burning the candle. Votive candles are one of the types of candles in Wicca, but these are mainly used for light. They are short and stubby and are usually placed in a cup or other small container. Votive candles also take up less space so that more of them can be placed on a Wicca altar. There are many places where you can buy the types of candles in Wicca at wholesale prices. These retailers sell a variety of other Wicca supplies as well.

For use in Wicca, taper candles are another of the types of candles. In Wicca, these candles are long and slender and the wax drippings are allowed to collect in a pan or a plate placed under the candle. When you buy wholesale Wiccan candles and supplies, you can also buy the special pans you need for the taper candles. The wax drippings are read in a manner very similar to that of reading tealeaves. If a reading is not required, taper candles are often placed in elegant candleholders. At the wholesale store, you can buy them in various heights and diameters.

Jar candles are one of the types of candles in Wicca that have a special purpose. They are made by pouring colored wax into a clear jar or by pouring clear wax into a colored jar, Those involved in Wicca can get both the wax and the jars at retailers that sell wholesale Wiccan candles and supplies. These candles are anointed, although only the top of the candle receives the anointing.

There are also specialty candles used in Wicca. These include types of candles in Wicca dedicated to a Christian Saint or Voodoo Loa. These candles, which are available at wholesale Wiccan candles and supplies stores, have designs and signatures printed on the outside of the glass container. They are jar candles and each different candle comes with instructions about how to use it in Wicca. Another of the types of candles used in Wicca are candles formed in the shape of a cross. They come in black, white, green and red and they are mainly used as altar pieces.

If you want to see all the different types of candles in Wicca, a trip to a retailer selling wholesale Wiccan candles and supplies would be very informative. You will see male and female figurine candles that are burned either face to face or back to back. Burning this type of candle in Wicca face to face is intended to form a bond, but burning it back to back denotes banishment. Seven Day Knob candles are another of the types of candles in Wicca. You burn one knob on each of seven days to cast a spell with this candle.

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Random Wiccan News

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Witch's Money Jar

paper & pen
seven dimes
quart jar with screw-on lid
bay leaf

Write your need on the paper and drop it into the jar. Take 7 dimes in your dominate hand and place them one by one into the jar.

As each one drops, visualize it multiplying into huge amounts and say:
"Toward this wish, the money grows
by leaps and bounds - it overflows.
Coins that jingle, coins that shine
Come to me now - you are mine."

Write your name on the bay leaf and drop it into the jar. Screw on the lid and place the jar where you can see it everyday, but where it is not visible to everyone who enters your home. Add a coin or two to the jar each day, and watch as money flows to you from unexpected sources. After you obtain the money you need, remove the paper and bury it outside.

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Money Spell

Do this at the same time every night. During the waxing moon. Up until the full moon.
You will need a green and a white candle. Anoint the candles with money drawing oil. (You can buy some money drawing oil by clicking the buy it now button at the bottom of this post!) As you are anointing the candle think of your intention and desire to have money come to you. Set your candles on your altar. Saying:

"Money, money come to me
In abundance three times three
May I be enriched in the best of ways
Harming none on its way
This I accept, so mote it be
Bring me money three times three!"

Do this every night up until the full moon.

Also carry a lucky money bag with you that has a few coins, a 5 dollar bill , and a few herbs. anoint it all with lavendar oil and then close tightly. Keep this on your person at all times during the spell above up until the full moon.

Money Drawing Oil

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Lucky Charms and Talismans

Many of you already own several lucky charms or talismans. You just may not be aware of the object's symbolism or meaning. Below I have compiled a list of some of the more popular and common good luck symbols that can be purchased in the form of jewellery, paintings or statues.

The Ring: A ring made of gold represents eternity and the circle of life. A diamond on a gold ring symbolizes fidelity. The tradition of the wedding ring goes back to the ancient Romans. Puzzle rings that interlink symbolize the integration of the spirit with the mind. When you give a puzzle ring to a friend, it means that you never want the two of you to part ways.

The Clover: The three-leafed clover is a symbol of health and vitality and for the Celts, symbolized The Holy Trinity. A four-leafed clover symbolizes sudden good fortune. A five-leafed clover symbolizes a happy marriage.

The Heart: A heart is the classic symbol of love. A picture or lock of hair carried inside a locket is thought to be the ultimate way to symbolize the carrying of another's spirit in your heart. As an amulet the symbol of the heart protects against heart disorders, anxiety and the tendency to blame others.

The Pentagram: This five-sided star is also known as the Druid's foot. It helps as a talisman to fulfill wishes, invoke spiritual powers and activate inner powers. It also serves as a protective amulet against the "evil eye" and casts evil back to where it came.

The Star of David: This six-pointed star is also known as the Seal of Solomon and the Hexagram. It consists of two interlocking triangles and is used as a talisman to attain harmony, gain knowledge and invoke the aid of the angels.

The Heptagram: Also known as the Mysterious Star or the Love Star, this seven pointed star is sacred to Venus and helps one radiate beauty and attractiveness as well as radiate harmony and love.

The Crescent and Star: This symbol is a powerful love talisman that also symbolizes sexuality, wisdom and well being.

The Eye in the Triangle: This is an amulet that finds its origins in the culture of Europe, Asia and Africa. An image of an eye within a triangle is thought to reflect evil back to the wisher of bad luck and protect against envy, jealousy and misfortune.

The Eye in the Hand: These good luck tokens which feature a human eye centered in the palm of a human hand originate in the Near East and are of Jewish-Arabic origin. The open hand represents the intervention of God and the eye represents the all-seeing eye of Go. This talisman is thought to bring God's mercy, strengthen faith and protect against bad luck.

The Ankh: This looks like a Christian Crucifix but with a loop at the top. This lovely ancient Egyptian symbol represents love and long life.

Thor's Hammer: This talisman usually looks like a small axe or very blunt edged cross. Carrying this symbol is thought to help achieve social success and protect against petty quarrels, making the wrong move in life and losses on the stock market!

The Pictic Knot: This is a Celtic charm that looks like three interlooping triangles. It is represents the three realms of consciousness and is worn to protect from black magic, magickal mistakes and dangers in general.

The Celtic Knot: These come in many designs and look like knotted threads. The knots based on mirror images or the number two represent passion, inspiration and a happy marriage. Knots based on the quadrupling of an image represent personal power and wisdom.

The Medicine Wheel: For about 5.000 years, almost all Native American Indian tribes have designed some form of a medicine wheel. The design varies but basically medicine wheels are Mandalas whose imagery is based on the number four. Medicine Wheels help you develop personal power and equilibrium, attain wisdom and understand the ups and downs of life!

The Dorje: This is a Buddhist "thunderbolt" that also resembles sceptre or a dagger. They are usually freestanding brass objects about the size of a paperweight done. This symbol is thought to repel demons, help one follow the true path and not be misled by false prophets.

Roman Coins: Antique Roman coins are thought to bring prosperity and good fortune to those who wear them as jewellery.

The Two Headed Ax: This image is found in almost all cultures: ancient Crete, Asian, Northern Europe and African cultures. It represents justice, authourity, and strength of character.

The Human Skull: Human skulls, whether bone or silver are usually worn to protect one from death. Shamans wear them to symbolize the accessing of deceased spirits.

The Devil's Trap: This is a circular gold or silver coin or talisman which features tiny Hebrew text that spirals more and more tightly inward towards the center of the circle. The idea is that the "Devil's Energy" is trapped inside the circle so it can't escape. This is worn or placed near doorways to protect from evil and clear one's path of obstacles.

The Zen Symbol: This looks like a black teardrop shape and white teardrop shape embracing each other in a circle. It is from the Far East and is also known as the Ying Yang or Tai'Chi symbol. It is worn to achieve equilibrium, balance and harmony between the sexes.

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The Solitary Practice of Wicca

For many, being a member of a coven is an indispensable part of being a Wiccan. But there are many who simply cannot be a part of a coven, or who choose not to. These people are known as solitary practitioners. While once almost unheard of, solitary practitioners are becoming more and more common.

Individuals may select a solitary path because of their own personality and religious preferences. For other, joining a coven may be difficult or impossible because of issues like distance or family/work commitments. There are others who have naturally fallen into a solitary practice by chance. Many people who are solitary Wiccans will practice that way throughout their life. For others, there may be periods of solitary practice and periods of being in a coven.

Being a solitary Wicca should not be mistaken for being anti-social or hiding one's religion. Solitaries often have fellow Wiccan friends, perhaps following different paths. They may attend group rituals or perform spells with others, but they are solitaries because the bulk of their practice is independent and they are not a part of an initiated group. The high priestess and/or priest act to initiate members in a coven. Because initiation requires another person to confer membership, a solitary Wicca cannot "self-initiate." Instead, they will perform a self-dedication to commit themselves to the Wiccan faith.

There has, in recent years, been some criticism of solitary Wicca. This is generally coming from the more conservative branches of Wicca. This is not, however, the view of most Wiccans, because Wicca is a constantly evolving faith. The solitary Wicca is a development that helps more people practice Wicca, and that is not a bad thing.

Some of the negative views that a solitary Wicca may encounter come from the notion that those who are not in a coven are not really taking being Wicca seriously. There are many people who call themselves Wiccan after reading a book or two, and claim to have a solitary practice. These people are often obeying a fad or going through a phase. However, their lack of commitment can be very frustrating to oath-bound Wiccans because it does in some way cheapen the religion and taint the outsider view of it.

The best remedy for this negative opinion is for this is for those who are committed to their solitary practice to be shining examples of how it is not necessary to be a member of a coven in order to be fully dedicated to the Wiccan religion.

Carol Lynn Browning has been a sole practitioner of Wicca for many years. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of the Craft. Specifically using new technologies of our everyday modern life yet still embracing and respecting the old ways of Wicca. You can sign up for the Wonders of Wicca newsletter at

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Basics of Western Astrology Explained

By: Paul Curran
This article covers the basics of Astrology and how they are inter-related. Astrology is defined as 'the art or practice of determining the supposed influences of the planets and their motions on human affairs and human disposition'. From this practice a horoscope can be produced - a diagram (or chart) of the relative positions of planets and signs of the Zodiac at a specific time, usually the time of birth. A forecast can then be produced.

The Zodiac
Western Astrology originated way back, around 500 BC, with a concept called the Zodiac being developed. This comprised of an imaginary sphere surrounding the earth, which followed the path of the Sun through the constellations during the year. The Zodiac was split into twelve sections, each named after the specific constellation noted in that area.

Many ancient philosophies used a set of classical elements to explain the way nature behaved. Each sign was connected to one of the classical elements (fire, earth, air, or water) and was also related to a region of focus; social, personal or universal.

* Water signs are related to growth processes, identification and emotion. In tandem with the other elements, water feels that fire will make it boil, air will evaporate it, but earth will shape and channel it.

* Fire signs are related to action, passion, and energy. In tandem with the other elements, fire feels that earth will smother it, water will drown it, but air will fan and enliven it.

* Air signs are related to thought, perspective and communication. In tandem with the other elements, air feels that water will obscure it, earth will suffocate it, but fire will inspire and uplift it.

* Earth signs are related to sensation, stability, and practicality. In tandem with the other elements, earth feels that air will dry it, fire will dry it, but water will refresh and nourish it.

Each sign is connected to one of three modalities; cardinal (sometimes referred to as movable), fixed, and mutable.

There are four quadrants following the order of the zodiacal signs, with three signs in each. Each quadrant describes a season, beginning with a cardinal sign, continuing to a fixed sign, and ending with a mutable sign.

Modalities and Related Zodiac Signs

Mutable signs are related to adaptability, resourcefulness and holism. They are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.
Fixed signs are related to determination, focus and individuality. They are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.
Cardinal signs are related to creativity and initiation. They are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Summary of Zodiac Sign Characteristics

Aries (cardinal, fire, personal): defensive, energetic, head down, assertive, impulsive.
Taurus (fixed, earth, personal): patient, indulgent, resourceful, thorough, devoted.
Gemini (mutable, air, personal): quick, logical, inquisitive.
Cancer (cardinal, water, personal): clinging, protective, sensitive.
Leo (fixed, fire, social): theatrical, generous, proud.
Virgo (mutable, earth, social): critically, practical, efficient.
Libra (cardinal, air, social): lazy, co-operative, fair.
Scorpio (fixed, water, social): anxious, passionate, sensitive.
Sagittarius (mutable, fire, universal): careless, free, straightforward.
Capricorn (cardinal, earth, universal): suspicious, prudent, cautious.
Aquarius (fixed, air, universal): detached, democratic, unconventional.
Pisces (mutable, water, universal): distracted, imaginative, sensitive.
Author Bio
Paul Curran is webmaster of Love Horoscope World covering Links2Love, resources about astrology online, chinese astrology and free love horoscopes.

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Desire Me Spell

A simple candle spell to bring desire to the eye of your beholder.

First you need to scoop some soil.

Sprinkle this around the base of a red candle anointed with your spit and some patchouli oil.

Light the candle and focus on you being desired. See you in another's arms and bed.

When the vision is strong in tone as many times as you like:
"Come to me my will is great
your new fate you can't escape "

Do this every night until the next full moon.

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