Friday, August 10, 2007

Money Spell

Do this at the same time every night. During the waxing moon. Up until the full moon.
You will need a green and a white candle. Anoint the candles with money drawing oil. (You can buy some money drawing oil by clicking the buy it now button at the bottom of this post!) As you are anointing the candle think of your intention and desire to have money come to you. Set your candles on your altar. Saying:

"Money, money come to me
In abundance three times three
May I be enriched in the best of ways
Harming none on its way
This I accept, so mote it be
Bring me money three times three!"

Do this every night up until the full moon.

Also carry a lucky money bag with you that has a few coins, a 5 dollar bill , and a few herbs. anoint it all with lavendar oil and then close tightly. Keep this on your person at all times during the spell above up until the full moon.

Money Drawing Oil

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