Friday, August 2, 2013

Wicca Beginnings: Spells, Rituals, History and Traditions

Wicca Beginnings: Spells, Rituals, History and Traditions of "The Craft" (Wicca 101) was a free book for the Kindle when I wrote this post!

Wicca Beginnings: Spells, Rituals, History and Traditions of "The Craft" is an essential primer for beginners and intermediates alike who are interested in becoming Wicca or discovering more about their chosen path.

This guidebook discusses Wiccan history, traditions, beginner spells, the Wiccan calender and so much more.

Table Of Contents
Chapter One: An Introduction to the Wiccan Craft
Chapter Two: The History of Wicca
Chapter Three: Wicca Traditions
Chapter Four: How to Become a Wicca
Chapter Five: Suggestions for a Beginner Wicca
Chapter Six: Wicca Ethics and Beliefs
Chapter Seven: Wicca and Satanism
Chapter Eight: The Wicca Deity - God and Goddess
Chapter Nine: What are Wicca Covens and Should You Join One?
Chapter Ten: Wicca Practices
Chapter Eleven: What is Wicca Divination?
Chapter Twelve: What is Black Magic?
Chapter Thirteen: What is White Magic?
Chapter Fourteen: The Wicca Book of Shadows
Chapter Fifteen: The Theban Alphabet or Witches Alphabet
Chapter Sixteen: Wicca Pentacle and Pentagram
Chapter Seventeen: The Wiccan Calendar - Seasonal Festivals
Chapter Eighteen: Wicca Supplies Used in the Craft
Chapter Nineteen: Wicca Rituals and Preparation
Chapter Twenty: Wicca Ritual Items
Chapter Twenty-One: What is a Wicca Talisman?
Chapter Twenty-Two: Types of Wicca Spells and Their Uses
Chapter Twenty-Three: How to Cast a Spell
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wiccan Garden – How to Create a Pentacle Garden
Chapter Twenty-Five: Schools for Wicca: Where and How to Learn Wicca
Chapter Twenty-Six: Conclusion – Is the Wiccan road your path to follow?