Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Practically Magical Use of Lists

The Practically Magical Use of Lists was a free kindle book when I wrote this post.

 The most sought after prize in life is the mastery of your mind.
Every benefit that you can possibly imagine, desire, and expect
comes from doing it. Now you can do what few before you
have ever achieved using the simple magic of making lists in
a practical way that handles and directs your mind for your
highest excellence with purely benevolent outcomes for
all concerned.

This e-book was a worldwide success from 2005-2008 meaning for many people in many countries their lives were greatly transformed. You can read many of their testimonials on our main website! Enjoy. Easy, simple exercises yet so powerful. It's all about the application of the principles for success. It's not about another intellectual talk about success, it's about actually making YOUR success happen with your mind power effectively by practical application.

Featuring: “An Introduction to ClearTalk” the world famous
system, method, and tools for consciously creating your own
reality with Financial Intelligence.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

principles of magick

Principles of Magick Was a free book when this post was written. Magick isn't aseries of words,actions, and materials that bend natural laws and warp mundane reality. It doesn't provide us with a blank check with which to detail how we want the events of our world to play out. The secret? We've never needed magick to be any of that. We are intensely powerful beings composed of the same material that is at the heart of all Creation. In order togrow, evolve, and move toward our deeper calling and the power it holds, when we were born into this lifetime we accepted certain illusionary limitations that prevent us from embracing the fullness of our spiritual identity. Ritual and spellwork are tools that allow us to strip away the illusions that limit our growth and power, providing us with insight, wisdom,and understanding. While magick itself offers a certain amount of mystical influence, it is most effectively used as a key that allows us to unlock our own potential, our own power, and open ourselves to a deeper and fuller version of reality. This book contains the principles behindmagick,why it works, what happens when we work magick, and the framework to begin your own magickal practice or to significantly deepen magick's role on your own path. Gleaned not from books but from hands-on experience, each lesson, insight, and perspective included in these pages was chosen for one simple reason: it works.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Art of Ritual Crafting

The Art of Ritual Crafting (The Bio-Universal Energy Series) was a free book when this post was written.

 To Enflame Thyself In Prayer is an oft quoted guideline for raising the most powerful energy in your magical work. Focus, intention, and will are the main subjects of the book, The Art Of Ritual Crafting of the "Energy Magic / Bio Universal Energy Series." This work teaches the practitioner of Energy Magic how to increase the effective results of their craft through the thoughtful and creative use of ritual practice.

There is little debate that the act of ritual for any spiritual practice connects us in with Higher Self and gives us a deeper connection to God and/or Goddess. The goal, of course, is to create a number of different impacting protocols for awakening and engaging the Higher Self through ritual. The ability to actually do that, however, is often rather limited, as is demonstrated by the onset of boredom or worse, apathy, as we participate in the rituals of others.

Too often, we see books that simply give outlines of rituals to follow given the type of outcomes desired; however, we have deemed it more prudent to teach the aspiring practitioner how to create their own effective rituals by helping them to find what works best for the individual. Armed with this knowledge, the energy magic worker becomes empowered greatly by becoming the creator of the practice, not just a follower of the practice of others.

The goal of The Art of Ritual Crafting is to teach the reader how to create dynamic, effective rituals that go straight to the heart of the goal by means of various support tools, behaviors, and conditions that will boost magical energy and create a stronger spiritual flow and connection.

A framework of how to connect to the energy of the Divine, the power of intention, will and language, how to store and ground energies and effective release of power is the purview of this part of the Energy Magic Series. This book delves into great detail about the optimal process for creating an effective and sacred ritual for reaching up to the Divine and working to manifest your positive life goals.

Anyone from a novice practitioner who has just started to explore their own personal spiritual energy to a seasoned veteran who wants to add a little spice to their practice will benefit from the information contained in this book.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Runes and Lore

Runes and Lore was a free book when this post was written.

 This book contains pictures of all 24 runes of the Elder Futhark with detailed spiritual and magical descriptions and uses of each rune. It also will explain to you some Norse Lore associated with the runes as well as how to make your own set of runes for spiritual magic and divination. It is written from a shaman's perspective.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Using Wicca To Achieve Your Goals

Using Wicca To Achieve Your Goals (Wiccan Goal Setting) was a free Kindle book when I wrote this post.

 Have you ever felt annoyed that other religions have motivation phrases and scripture? Do you find Wiccan literature severely lacking? Do you want to set goals and achieve them by using your foundation -- your religion -- instead of secular self-help methods? You've come to the correct place.

This book is a crash course on how to use the Wheel of the Year to set, modify, and track your goals. These goals can be as simple as "meditate more" and as exhaustive as "plan and complete a multiday trip." It doesn't matter. Using the Wheel of the Year, or the "Harvest Allegory," this book gives you tools to reach your goals.

Lynn is a long time blogger at, and has written this book based on previous blog postings, comments, and user feedback. Although the initial idea came from a variety of sources, Lynn has expanded on the allegory, and providing examples, ensures that you, the reader, can apply this method in your own life.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids

Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids was a free book for the Kindle when this post was written!

Empathic and psychic children are seeing things: Sparkles, Orbs, Spirits, and Ghosts. What is a parent to do? Don't worry; Melissa Leath has it covered. She has been asked by parents about Sparkles (as the kids call them). And she has gone on a quest to find the answers.
This book covers spirit energies, auras, subtle bodies, hyper-sensitive and empathic children and information on indigo and crystal children. There are excerpts from blog articles that started the search for the meaning of Sparkles, along with some of the comments that followed.
Within this book, Melissa uncovers the concept of Sparkles, spirit lights, and other paranormal occurrences and visions seen by children. Are they apparitions or true experiences? Included are exercises to practice with your child, examples to help expand their ability in a healthy and empowering way, and ideas to implement in your families’ daily routine.
“Sparkles” is filled with real life experiences from parents and their children; their fears and victories, along with Leath’s shared knowledge and explanations.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Wicca Beginnings: Spells, Rituals, History and Traditions

Wicca Beginnings: Spells, Rituals, History and Traditions of "The Craft" (Wicca 101) was a free book for the Kindle when I wrote this post!

Wicca Beginnings: Spells, Rituals, History and Traditions of "The Craft" is an essential primer for beginners and intermediates alike who are interested in becoming Wicca or discovering more about their chosen path.

This guidebook discusses Wiccan history, traditions, beginner spells, the Wiccan calender and so much more.

Table Of Contents
Chapter One: An Introduction to the Wiccan Craft
Chapter Two: The History of Wicca
Chapter Three: Wicca Traditions
Chapter Four: How to Become a Wicca
Chapter Five: Suggestions for a Beginner Wicca
Chapter Six: Wicca Ethics and Beliefs
Chapter Seven: Wicca and Satanism
Chapter Eight: The Wicca Deity - God and Goddess
Chapter Nine: What are Wicca Covens and Should You Join One?
Chapter Ten: Wicca Practices
Chapter Eleven: What is Wicca Divination?
Chapter Twelve: What is Black Magic?
Chapter Thirteen: What is White Magic?
Chapter Fourteen: The Wicca Book of Shadows
Chapter Fifteen: The Theban Alphabet or Witches Alphabet
Chapter Sixteen: Wicca Pentacle and Pentagram
Chapter Seventeen: The Wiccan Calendar - Seasonal Festivals
Chapter Eighteen: Wicca Supplies Used in the Craft
Chapter Nineteen: Wicca Rituals and Preparation
Chapter Twenty: Wicca Ritual Items
Chapter Twenty-One: What is a Wicca Talisman?
Chapter Twenty-Two: Types of Wicca Spells and Their Uses
Chapter Twenty-Three: How to Cast a Spell
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wiccan Garden – How to Create a Pentacle Garden
Chapter Twenty-Five: Schools for Wicca: Where and How to Learn Wicca
Chapter Twenty-Six: Conclusion – Is the Wiccan road your path to follow?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How To Do Your Own Astrological Chart

How To Do Your Own Astrological Chart was a free kindle book when I wrote this post.

 Hi, I was a professional astrologer for more than two decades, and having had so many clients express curiosity about how a chart is created and interpreted, I’ve put together this little ‘How-To’ book on how to do it yourself. It’s aimed at beginners who have an interest in astrology but no previous experience in creating a chart.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a math wizard to do the calculations involved. In this book, you will be instructed on how to either use a computer program to do the calculations for you (highly recommended), or be brave and follow the alternative instructions on how to do it all yourself the hard way. In the first part of the book, I give you links to where you can download free versions of all the materials you will need, kindly provided for free on various websites.

The latter part of the book consists of one big reference database in which I’ve composed individual interpretations for every planet, sign, House and aspect, which you can put together to create a full chart reading.

So, this is not another ‘Sun Sign’ book, but is about what goes on behind the creating and interpretation of a complete birth chart, and shows you, hopefully easily and painlessly, how to do it yourself. I will try to keep things as simplified and straightforward as possible in order to reduce ‘information overload’!

Thanks for looking and I hope you will find this book informative and enjoyable!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wicca For One: The Path Of Solitary Witchcraft

Wicca For One: The Path Of Solitary Witchcraft is probably the best book for the solitary witch. Great book . Full of everything that you need to be a solitary wiccan.

My favorite book!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Solitary Wicca For Life

Solitary Wicca For Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own is my new favorite book!

Many people interested in magick and Witchcraft do not join covens - but prefer a solitary approach. As they work to deepen their knowledge and strengthen their powers, they need sound guidance and tools. Here the author provides readers with what they need to take their spiritual practice to the next level. In Solitary Wicca for Life, readers are encouraged to reach beyond the ordinary and create a unique path of worship using techniques that go further than other texts: Advance Circle Casting - advanced techniques and applications, plus protective entities to incorporate into the circle Enriching Ritual - tools and practices that can bring new depth to personal practice Crafting Liturgy - Wiccan rituals defined stage-by-stage Drawing Down Deities - invoking deities for divinations, guidance, communion etc Solitary Wicca for Life is the essential reference handbook readers need to reach deeper, go further and strengthen their solitary path - one day at a time.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Witchcraft on a Shoestring

I borrowed this book from the library and had to buy myself a copy. Witchcraft on a Shoestring: Practicing the Craft Without Breaking Your Budget is am awesome book!

 Practicing Witchcraft doesn't have to cost an arm, a leg, and a broomstick!
  • From homemade tools to frugal feasts to thrifty home decoration, Deborah Blake offers economical tips and suggestions for stretching your dollar while enriching your practice. She gives clear, simple instructions for making your own magickal oils, runes, tarot cards, candles, jewelry, charms, and wands, all using inexpensive materials. Choose from over fifty ways to practice Witchcraft that cost little or no money, and try more than forty recipes for tasty sabbat dishes that cost ten dollars or less.
    With a sprinkling of imagination and a touch of magick, you can add to your inner wealth of spirituality. After all, the best parts of being a Witch are always free.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Teachings of an Outlaw Witch: A Primer for the Curious

Teachings of an Outlaw Witch: A Primer for the Curious was a free Kindle book when I wrote this post. A 320 page book full of recipes, etc.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or taking your first steps on The Path, Lady Kali Tara's Teachings of an Outlaw Witch will supplement your existing magickal repertoire, or serve as the foundation for your evolving Book of Shadows. Designed to meet the needs of both solitary and coven practitioners, this teaching tool is filled with recipes, spells, rituals, and exercises that allow you to customize and create ritual and spell-work directly on the page. This Primer for the Curious can be used alone or with the supplemental meditation CD and spirit stones. Wherever you stand on The Path, Teachings provides a unique resource to deepen your practice.
• Step by Step instructions
• Guided Visualizations
• Exercises
• Rituals
• Spells
• Correspondence Charts
• CD & Spirit Stones available to order

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Towards the Wiccan Circle - A self-study beginners course in modern pagan witchcraft / Wicca.

Towards the Wiccan Circle - A self-study beginners course in modern pagan witchcraft / Wicca. was a free Kindle book when I wrote this blog post.

A practical self-study course in Wiccan ritual for beginners.

Towards the Wiccan Circle was born out of the very popular Avalonia homestudy course of the same name. It covers all the key practices and principles of Wicca in a structured way for the seeker, such as the Goddess & God, the Wheel of the Year, the Four Elements, Lunar phases, Wiccan Ceremonies, the Wiccan Rede, magick, skyclad and initiation.

Throughout the book, practical exercises,meditations and simple ceremonies are provided, together with suggestions for further reading. You will learn about the history, whilst exploring the practices and deepening your understanding of the four elements and the natural world, whilst exercising your visualisation skills and building on your understanding of the tradition through an experiential approach.




Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Magickal Aids In Wicca

Magickal Aids In Wicca was a free Kindle book when I wrote this. Techniques for deeper understanding and better control of your magickal workings. Get more personal power. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Little Book of Magic Spells for Witches

When I wrote this post , The Little Book of Magic Spells for Witches, was a free Kindle book. This is One of the few legitimate spell books ever published.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Light Up Your Life With Candle Magic

As of this writing , Light Up Your Life With Candle Magic (Spellcrafting - Single Topics), was free for the Kindle. From the first time you blew out the candles on your birthday cake or lit a novena for a friend, you have been doing candle magic. In this book, you will learn how to focus this energy and direct it toward your desired outcome.

First published as a featured article in newWitch magazine and based on Lady MoonDance’s “Candle Magic” Spellcrafting class, this newly revised version includes:

- Selecting a candle

- The energy of colors, including what to do if you don’t have the color you need

- How to charge, dress, burn and put out your candles

- Basic candle layouts, and how to design your own

- How to dispose of your candles

The most powerful magic comes, not from blindly following someone else’s meaningless workings, but from putting thoughts, energy and intention into creating your own. All of Lady MoonDance’s Spellcrafting classes are focused on helping you develop your skills in doing so. While the information here stands on its own, it also creates a foundation for creating more advanced workings as you learn and grow in your craft.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From a Drop of Water - A Collection of Magickal Reflections on the Nature, Creatures,Uses, and Symbolism of Water

When I wrote this, From a Drop of Water - A Collection of Magickal Reflections on the Nature, Creatures,Uses, and Symbolism of Water, was a free Kindle book. Product Description "From a Drop of Water..." A Collection of Magickal Reflections on the Nature, Creatures,Uses, and Symbolism of Water. "This creation is, in its totality, a drop of Water; man himself has originated from a drop of Water" Bundahishn 28,2 FROM A DROP OF WATER is a unique collection of 17 essays by some of the foremost modern esoteric writers, pagan scholars and magickal practitioners. Each contribution reflects the writer's own understanding and passion for Water, and in doing so they share their unique insights, experiences and their diverse research on the subject with the reader. The powerful nature of Water as transformer and healer, initiator into the mysteries and bringer of both life and death is emphasised throughout. The multitude of spiritual beings associated with Water are powerful and volatile forces of nature. They include the Undines and Nymphs of European folklore, as well as mythical creatures such as mermaids and krakens, sirens and selkies. The importance of Water is often taken for granted, yet its symbolism connects every religion, spiritual path and philosophy. Many of the earliest creation myths have Water as a central theme, and man has forever been telling tales of the Waters of this Earth, and has since time immemorial gazed up at the Moon who governs the ebb and flow of the ocean's tides. Likewise, deities associated with Water often play a central role in myths, legends and practices, and this is explored in many of the essays in this anthology. From Anahita, the Persian Goddess of rain and abundance, to the Afro-Brazilian Goddess Yemany√°, the Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis as portrayed in Dion Fortune's Sea Priestess and Nimue in the Arthurian Legends, the power of Water is ever present. Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love is born from the foam of the oceans, and many of the Vodou Lwa - including Agwe, Mambo La Sirene, Erzulie Freda, Damballah Wedo and the Simbis also have strong associations with Water which are explored in this collection. Furthermore, the magical qualities and symbolism of Water are explored through examples of meditation, ritual, song and dance. Its magic is manifested through talismans, poetry, art and invocation. Moreover, Living Water as used in the Kabbalah and Grimoires, as well as the role of Water in Baptism are also explored. This exceptional collection of essays bring together a breadth of experience, which is emphasised through the diversity of traditions they represent. These include Vodou, Thelema, the Western Mystery Tradition, Wicca, Paganism, and English Root Magick, as well as Grimoire Magicians who work the magick of the Key of Solomon and Goetia. Water both allures and terrifies - just like the stark contrast between the glimmering of moonlight upon the ocean's surface on a clear night and the hulking gloom in its fathomless depths. But the planet's oceans and many Waters are vast and unfathomable, and herein lies but a few drops of wisdom in a sea of possibilities.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Change Your Luck Spell

When the Moon is Waning, go outside and open your arms. Call upon the Lady of the Moon and open arms to Her. Silently communicate your problems and what has been going on with you. When you can think of nothing else to tell the Moon, say the chant: Go inside and straight to bed. When you awake the next morning, know that your troubles will cease and new hope will abound as the Old Moon disappears in the sky.