Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Practically Magical Use of Lists

The Practically Magical Use of Lists was a free kindle book when I wrote this post.

 The most sought after prize in life is the mastery of your mind.
Every benefit that you can possibly imagine, desire, and expect
comes from doing it. Now you can do what few before you
have ever achieved using the simple magic of making lists in
a practical way that handles and directs your mind for your
highest excellence with purely benevolent outcomes for
all concerned.

This e-book was a worldwide success from 2005-2008 meaning for many people in many countries their lives were greatly transformed. You can read many of their testimonials on our main website! Enjoy. Easy, simple exercises yet so powerful. It's all about the application of the principles for success. It's not about another intellectual talk about success, it's about actually making YOUR success happen with your mind power effectively by practical application.

Featuring: “An Introduction to ClearTalk” the world famous
system, method, and tools for consciously creating your own
reality with Financial Intelligence.

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