Monday, February 10, 2014

The Magic and Making of Candles and Soaps (The Bio-Universal Energy Series)

The Magic and Making of Candles and Soaps (The Bio-Universal Energy Series) was free when I wrote this post.

The magic of candles spans thousands of years with most mainstream faiths embracing this beautiful use of fire in their spiritual rituals. Because of its porous nature, wax is a wonderful material for storing energy. Candles have long been used for sacred work of all kinds ranging from complex magical processes to a simple technique of “lighting a candle” for someone. We celebrate birthdays by blowing out candles on a cake, which is also connected to manifesting positive life change with the wishes we make as we blow. Candles are placed in the window to guide home those we love, both visually and metaphorically. The Jewish Menorah is lit to spread light throughout the entire world.. It is difficult for anyone to watch the flame of a candle for any length of time and not feel magic afoot. Candles have been used since the dawn of time as the great “dispeller of darkness”, which is the true meaning of the word “guru.” Like the guru, the candle can teach us and illuminate our path if used properly, but can burn just as easily – the flame of a candle is energy itself and can be used for good or ill. Wisdom is the province of mankind, not of the energy itself.

Like candles, the material that is used to make soap is very porous and therefore, holds energy quite well. Candles release their energy into the air and out through the world, but soaps are a more personal kind of energy release since they flood your body with the properties that have been instilled into them. Many people only think of soap in terms of being clean, however, since we color soap and use essential oils and herbs to make soap, we can instill not only the energy relevant to the properties of the plants or resins from which the scent came, working from an aromatherapy and color therapy perspective, but we can also fill the soaps with our own energy to accentuate the effect.

The energy of soap is usually soothing and bathing and showering are typically pleasant sensory experiences, however, most of the herbs and oils that are the most invigorating are quite caustic and not appropriate for direct skin contact and are therefore not used in soap making. This is likely the most important consideration when making soaps, so be sure and use only oils that are safe for the skin. Cinnamon, for instance, is usually not. Lavender, rose and most other flower scents, mint, chamomile, musk, frankincense, and sandalwood are among the most commonly used scents.

Candles and soaps love to do energy work. It is through their use in this type of work that these lovely items reach their fullest potential of use and are actualized. The beauty and ambiance of candlelight has not been lost over the centuries, even though technology has given us far superior lighting options. Why? Because we love the magic of candles. Beautifully shaped soaps that nurture the skin and please the sense are pure magic. Even when used mundanely, it is easy to know that they are something special.

In The Magic and Making of Candles and Soaps, not only do you learn how to use candles and soaps for magical energy empowerment and release, but you also learn how to make your owncandles and soaps, which instills even MORE power into your energy work. Several myths of candle use are debunked and

You will learn what colors to use, where to order supplies, the steps to making candles and goats milk based soaps, and how to store and release energy into these batteries for personal power.

The making of candles and soaps is an easy, relaxing, and empowering process that you will come to love. The best part is that it only involves a minimal start up outlay if you know how to cut corners (and this book will tell you how to do that as well).

How to Create a Magical Working Group

How to Create a Magical Working Group was a free kindle book when this post was written.

Magical working groups are great, but how do you start one? It can definitely be intimidating to think about leading a magical group and all that the role entails.

There are times, however, when rather than seeking it out, leadership is thrust upon us. Those of us who are to be leaders already are leaders. Either we will find a group or a group will find us.

This booklet is a brief discussion of the nuts of bolts of circle creation and the many things that must be considered during the critical formative time.