Monday, November 30, 2015

Wicca Candle Spells

Wicca Candle Spells: The Complete Wiccan Candle Spell Handbook Candle Spells for Wealth, Health, and Harmony. Blessed Be! was a free kindle book when this blog post was written.

A Wiccan handbook full of candle spells

A must-have spell book for every Wiccan!

Wicca: A peaceful and spiritual practice!

This book contains step by step methods and techniques to teach the beginner how to perform Wiccan candle spells and rituals like a pro in simple non-complex terms.

Develop a better understanding of nature and earth and re-connect with all living things. Create spells for harmony, healing, love, clarity, wisdom and creativity. Join a Wiccan community!

Learn what you need to get started. Harness natural energy to influence change. Learn the many beliefs in the Wiccan religion. Create spells and perform rituals by using the techniques in this book

A quick preview of the candle spells included are...

  • Basic money spell
  • Wealth and prosperity spell
  • Wiccan candle spell for good luck and fortune
  • Wiccan anti-harassment candle spell
  • Wiccan white candle blessing spell
  • Candle spell to get the job you desire
  • A confidence candle spell
  • Candle melding love spell
  • Simple health blessing
  • Clear an argument spell
  • Candle healing spell
  • Light of joy candle spell
  • Start anew candle spell
  • A blessed home candle spell
  • Dream seeing spell
  • Binding spell
  • and more!

Wicca Candle Spells is much more than just a spell book, this book will teach, educate, and inform you all about Wicca!

A quick preview of what you will learn besides spells....

  • What is wicca?
  • Wicca vs witchcraft
  • An introduction to candle magic
  • How to break a candle spell
  • And much more!