Saturday, December 21, 2013

principles of magick

Principles of Magick Was a free book when this post was written. Magick isn't aseries of words,actions, and materials that bend natural laws and warp mundane reality. It doesn't provide us with a blank check with which to detail how we want the events of our world to play out. The secret? We've never needed magick to be any of that. We are intensely powerful beings composed of the same material that is at the heart of all Creation. In order togrow, evolve, and move toward our deeper calling and the power it holds, when we were born into this lifetime we accepted certain illusionary limitations that prevent us from embracing the fullness of our spiritual identity. Ritual and spellwork are tools that allow us to strip away the illusions that limit our growth and power, providing us with insight, wisdom,and understanding. While magick itself offers a certain amount of mystical influence, it is most effectively used as a key that allows us to unlock our own potential, our own power, and open ourselves to a deeper and fuller version of reality. This book contains the principles behindmagick,why it works, what happens when we work magick, and the framework to begin your own magickal practice or to significantly deepen magick's role on your own path. Gleaned not from books but from hands-on experience, each lesson, insight, and perspective included in these pages was chosen for one simple reason: it works.

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