Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Art of Ritual Crafting

The Art of Ritual Crafting (The Bio-Universal Energy Series) was a free book when this post was written.

 To Enflame Thyself In Prayer is an oft quoted guideline for raising the most powerful energy in your magical work. Focus, intention, and will are the main subjects of the book, The Art Of Ritual Crafting of the "Energy Magic / Bio Universal Energy Series." This work teaches the practitioner of Energy Magic how to increase the effective results of their craft through the thoughtful and creative use of ritual practice.

There is little debate that the act of ritual for any spiritual practice connects us in with Higher Self and gives us a deeper connection to God and/or Goddess. The goal, of course, is to create a number of different impacting protocols for awakening and engaging the Higher Self through ritual. The ability to actually do that, however, is often rather limited, as is demonstrated by the onset of boredom or worse, apathy, as we participate in the rituals of others.

Too often, we see books that simply give outlines of rituals to follow given the type of outcomes desired; however, we have deemed it more prudent to teach the aspiring practitioner how to create their own effective rituals by helping them to find what works best for the individual. Armed with this knowledge, the energy magic worker becomes empowered greatly by becoming the creator of the practice, not just a follower of the practice of others.

The goal of The Art of Ritual Crafting is to teach the reader how to create dynamic, effective rituals that go straight to the heart of the goal by means of various support tools, behaviors, and conditions that will boost magical energy and create a stronger spiritual flow and connection.

A framework of how to connect to the energy of the Divine, the power of intention, will and language, how to store and ground energies and effective release of power is the purview of this part of the Energy Magic Series. This book delves into great detail about the optimal process for creating an effective and sacred ritual for reaching up to the Divine and working to manifest your positive life goals.

Anyone from a novice practitioner who has just started to explore their own personal spiritual energy to a seasoned veteran who wants to add a little spice to their practice will benefit from the information contained in this book.

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