Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 Tarot Spreads for Soulmate Seekers: Using Tarot Cards to Find, Build and Sustain Loving Relationships

10 Tarot Spreads for Soulmate Seekers: Using Tarot Cards to Find, Build and Sustain Loving Relationships was a free kindle book when this post was written.

The 10 Relationship Tarot Spreads You'll Wish You Had YEARS Ago!

Are you ready for "The ONE" but keep attracting "That BUM"?

Would you like to get to know your soulmate BEFORE you ever cross paths?

Curious to see if that first date kiss will lead to future wedded bliss?

Want a little "inside knowledge" on your relationships so you can avoid heartache and headaches?

Whether you're single, dating one (or some), or in full-time relationship, 10 Tarot Spreads for Soulmate Seekers will help you better understand the who, what, where's and why's surrounding your love life.

  • What's up with the abundance of Mr. Wrongs and Sir Time Wasters? Spread #1 will give you a surprising look at how your romantic interests view you.

  • What kind of personality will your soulmate have? What do they want from you? Use Spread #2 to Meet the essence of that special person.

  • What can you expect on that first date? Spread #3 practically helped save my life from a first date gone horribly wrong!

  • Curious to know if the guy you're dating is "THE ONE"? Spread #4 gives you the long term potential of new and existing relationships.

  • Want the 'warts-and-all' truth about the guy you're dating? Spread #5 doesn't pull any punches.

  • Will your ex come back or is time to move on? Spread #6 delivers the truth - even when you DON'T want to hear it.

  • Need to understand why you created the relationship you're currently in? Spread #7 shows you what all the bumps in the road are supposed to teach you.

  • Want to bring your soulmate into your life faster? Spread #8 gives you a weekly action plan for attracting your soulmate.

  • Now that you're in a happy relationship, Spread #9 will show you how to keep it there.

  • And finally when you need a yes or no response, Spread #10 delivers - (along with little extra insight).

Best of all, I don't just show you the spreads. I'll give you a sneak peek at actual readings I've done so you can better understand how the layouts work.

10 Tarot Spreads for Soulmate Seekers is the exact tool I've been using to help my clients get on the path for love, marriage and even the baby carriage. Whether you're a beginner or a ravenous reader, these tarot spreads will definitely enlighten and empower.

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