Monday, October 8, 2012

Wiccecræft (FREE Kindle Book)

This book , Wiccecræft, is a great one to add to your library. It is FREE for a limited time for your Kindle. Wiccecræft delves into the mysterious and mostly hidden world of dark ages England to discover the shamanic roots of modern Witchcraft. Central to the journey is the reality of the Otherworld, a spiritual realm of elves and daemons which our ancestors used to bring power to their magic, healing and divination. and interested explorers who desire to re-awaken an ancient shamanic magical consciousness within the modern world. Features: • Introduction and bibliography • appendix detailing how to pronounce Old English • exercises designed for Witches, non-Witches, Wiccans This forgotten past is a world of rituals and meditations for research with actual Anglo-Saxon magical manuscripts such as the Lacnunga and Bald’s Leechbook.

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