Friday, October 5, 2012

Free Kindle Book - How to Read the Tarot (Tarot for All)

Anyone can read the tarot. Some people will find it easy to tune into and read the cards, for others it doesn’t come as naturally but it is possible. This series of books is designed to show those who are keen to learn the tarot, the different ways tarot cards can be interpreted. The aim is to encourage readers to eventually gain the confidence to develop their own, personal interpretation of the tarot cards. This first book of the Tarot for All series covers Tarot Cards, preparing for a tarot reading, tarot spreads, the individual meaning of the cards and how tarot cards are used in divination and meditation. If you spend a fortune on psychics and having your tarot read, you could save yourself a lot of money by investing in a tarot pack you feel drawn to (there are many designs available) and this series of books will give you everything you need to start reading the tarot, for yourself, your family and your friends. Information covered in this 75 page eBook includes: Introduction Origins of the Tarot How can the Ancient Tarot reflect Modern Lifestyles? The Tarot Pack Before a Tarot Reading Tarot Spreads The Individual Meaning of the Cards The Major Arcana and a Tarot Reading How to Give a Quick Tarot Reading using the Horseshoe Spread Tarot Cards in Divination and meditation

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