Saturday, September 22, 2012

Need To Do A House Cleaning

I have had a lot of negative stuff happening in my life the past couple of months. I think that it is about time to do a complete house cleaning. This house needs blessed. I use sage, salt, water, and my besom(broom).

One room at a time while burning the sage, sprinkle the salt and water in the corners of each and every room in the house - repeating the following incantation:

In the name of the Lord and Lady, I now do cleanse and bless this house – Banishing it from all negative energies. As it is willed, so mote it be!

I leave the salt down for a few days and then use the broom to sweep it all out of the house and the negative energy with it! I then hang the broom in my living room , where most of the negative energy comes into the house from the front door.

For some reason , I haven't done this ritual in a long time and I can really feel it. The whole house feels dark and I feel fatigued.

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