Friday, September 28, 2012

FREE Kindle Book - Moon Power Diary 2013

For a limited time you can get the Moon Power Diary 2013 for FREE! Based on the German edition of the printed version "MondJahrBuch" established 17 years ago, a Kindle eBook version is now available, also in English. The influence of the moon is not only visible in the tides of the ocean. Because the moon stands tightly in relation to the water, it also allows the sap to rise stronger or weaker in a plant from the root into the leaves, thereby having an influence on the growth of the plant or, for instance, with medicinal herbs on the water content and the portion of active substances contained therein. Because the body of humans and animals alike mainly consist of water, it is easy to make the connection that the power of the moon with its immense effect on the water, also exercises its influence on the state of this being. In the "MoonPowerDiary 2013" you can find the dates of the moon rhythm listed for the whole year, day by day, with precise points for health, cosmetics, nutrition, exercise, medicinal herbs, household and garden work, as well as the seeding and planting days. The "MoonPowerDiary" is a reliable accompaniment for the year of 2013, which will help you to use the influences present to your advantage.

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