Friday, January 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Color Meanings

The Significance of Colors:
When you apply color to Candle Magick, the meanings of each color can be quite specific.

White - Spiritual Enlightenment, Cleansing, Healing, Truth Seeking.
Yellow - Activity, Creativity, Concentration and Imagination.
Gold - Beneficial in Rituals intended to bring luck or fast money.
Pink - Romance, Friendship
Red - Health, Passion, Love, Fertility, Strength, Courage, Willpower.
Silver - Helps develop Psychic Ability, Removes negativity, encourages stability.
Purple - Power, success, idealism.
Royal Blue - Promotes laughter and loyalty.
Light Blue - Peace and Tranquility.
Blue - Rituals to obtain Wisdom, Harmony, inner light or peace.
Emerald Green - Attracts Love, fertility.
Dark Green - Counteracts greed, jealousy. When used in a Ritual.
Green - Prosperity, Success, Luck, Money.

Black - Helps open up deeper levels of consciousness, use in Rituals to banish evil or negativity.


~Cat said...

I love candle magic. There's nothing easier, or more inspiring than filling the darkness with light.

AJ Chase said...

I'm fascinated by all the different meanings of green. By far my favorite color. Thanks for sharing.

geek-betty said...

blue is my favorite color - I love reading what a happy tranquil color it is.