Monday, January 7, 2008

Book of Shadows - The Truth Behind Prosperity Magic

Prosperity is more than the sum total of what is in you bank account; who you are and what you have accomplished is far more important that what you own. In the end, the only things you take with you are your honor, the love you shared and the wisdom you have learned. That doesn't mean you can set aside the mundane needs of life and go meditate on a hill--even then you have to eat. What it does mean that you need to take responsibility for your decisions and your life. Casting spells and doing rituals can help, but I have yet to meet a rich witch. The best way to insure a successful, prosperous life is to remain in school and get a good education. In doing so, you'll find a source of satisfaction as well as being able to live comfortably.

If you want a new job, do the ritual, but also check the want ads, fill out applications and all the things you would normally need to do on a mundane level to get a job. You can ask for the winning lottery numbers, but don't start spending the money until the check is not only in your hand but has cleared in the bank.

As with all magic, what you send out is what you will receive back. If you help others, you will receive aid when you need it. Whatever aspect of your life that you feed energy to will be the strongest. If you feed the fear of loss and the poverty mind set that is what the universe will expand; however, if you keep your focus on your blessings, being able to share them and be confident you will always be provide for, the universe will increase that energy as well. Being able to release the society taught belief of limited resources is the biggest challenge all of us have to face. From every corner, the message is that there is not enough for all--not enough food, energy, money or resources for everyone to have an equal share. The messages is that you have to fight for what you want, disregarding the needs and rights of others for they are the enemy competing for the scarce blessings. If you feel this way, the whole universe will not be enough to fill you or make you feel safe. However, by releasing the fear and being open to the miracles of the universe, you will find that miracles happen everyday and that there is indeed enough for all to live well and be safe.

After all the rituals have been done and the candles have been burned out, the most effective prosperity spells are the ones that come under the heading "Random Acts of Kindness". The simple things we do for one another, without expecting anything return, are the most powerful magic. True charity is anonymous; it expects nothing in return. It is giving change at the check out when the person in front of you is a little short. It is taking meals or offering rides to someone in need. It is taking the time to smile at someone simply because you care that they have a little joy in their lives. Praying for peace is great, but taking the time to clean up a roadside is prosperity in action; not only do you get some fresh air and sunshine, but also you make the world a little better just by cleaning up the trash. By giving of ourselves freely and openly, we create a prosperity magnet around us that is more powerful than any ritual.

Out of the Shadows and Into the Light will not only teach you more about prosperity rituals, but those for love, protection and healing. This ebook give rituals to heal your heart and make you dreams to come true. Both old and new magic is combined in this colorful book that seeks only to inform and protect. If you seek wisdom, love or justice this ebook of shadows can help you find what you need.

Theresa Chaze is a Wiccan Prieste and Ordained Minister. She has be describes as a woman who has the courage to play with dragons. To learn more about Wiccan, her novels, and Ms Chaze, go to her website at

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