Thursday, January 17, 2013

Animal Totems & Spirit Animals: The Shamanic Approach

As of this posting , Animal Totems & Spirit Animals: The Shamanic Approach, is FREE for the Kindle. Have you ever seen a hummingbird attempt to impress a mate? Have you ever seen a porcupine defend itself from a predator? Have you ever watched the calculating expression on a cougar's face as he weighs up the pros and cons of his approach? And, have your ever watched an otter play in the currents of a fast moving river?

Ever wondered what it is that makes these animals and others act the way they do?

In this book you will take a closer a look at numerous animals and the special potentials they were created with. These potentials give them drive, keep them alive, and make them the creatures they are. They determine whether or not the creature is predator or prey, and they determine the steps that the creature will take in order to survive and procreate.

The Native American Indians believe that the Great Spirit, the creator of all living things, embedded specific potentials and characteristics into each creature as he made them. These characteristics would help the creature through life, according to its physical form.

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