Thursday, July 24, 2008

Altar Set - Wiccan Tools

Our complete altar set is the perfect set to get you started! Includes the following 13 items: White satin altar cloth, Small wood handle athame with sheath(perfect for carving your own runes on the handle), set of 2 glass tapered candle holders (colors will vary), one half-DRAM hand-painted potion bottle, Small 3" brass incense censer, 1 roll of 33mm self-lighting charcoal for incense, Two 6" tapers (black and white), small hand-crafted altar pentacle tile (style and colors will vary), one 1/4 oz size oil bottle of our hand-blended altar oil, one small 5 DRAM vial of our hand-blended Ritual Blend incense, four chime spell candles (blue, white, green and pink), one chime spell candleholder (in white porcelain) and one small 3" black marble scrying bowl (can also be used a devotional bowl)!

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