Monday, September 24, 2007

Meanings of Colors

Candle Colors for the Zodiac:
Aries Red, Scarlet
Taurus Red-Orange, Pale Green, Olive, Brown, Indigo
Gemini Orange, Turquoise, Silver, Mauve
Cancer Yellow-Orange, Pale Blue, Silver, Pale Green, Amber, Maroon
Leo Yellow, Orange, Gold, Purple, Greenish Yellow
Virgo Yellow-Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Brown, Multicolor, Plum
Libra Green, Blue. Emerald
Scorpio Blue-Green, Blood Red, Dark Brown
Sagittarius Blue-Violet, Amethyst, Dark Grey
Capricorn Turquoise Blue, Black, Iris
Aquarius Violet, Electric Blue, Blue Mauve
Pisces Red-Violet, Violet, Indigo, Green, Crimson, Pinky Brown.

Colors of the Week :
Sunday - Yellow, Monday - White, Tuesday - Red, Wednesday - Purple , Thursday - Blue, Friday - Green, Saturday – Black

The Significance of Colors:
When you apply color to Candle Magick, the meanings of each color can be quite specific.

White - Spiritual Enlightenment, Cleansing, Healing, Truth Seeking.
Yellow - Activity, Creativity, Concentration and Imagination.
Gold - Beneficial in Rituals intended to bring luck or fast money.
Pink - Romance, Friendship
Red - Health, Passion, Love, Fertility, Strength, Courage, Willpower.
Silver - Helps develop Psychic Ability, Removes negativity, encourages stability.
Purple - Power, success, idealism.
Royal Blue - Promotes laughter and loyalty.
Light Blue - Peace and Tranquility.
Blue - Rituals to obtain Wisdom, Harmony, inner light or peace.
Emerald Green - Attracts Love, fertility.
Dark Green - Counteracts greed, jealousy. When used in a Ritual.
Green - Prosperity, Success, Luck, Money.
Black - Helps open up deeper levels of consciousness, use in Rituals to banish evil or negativity.

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